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A USB NSA Proof Linux Install:
Welcome to the Technology Revolution

It was that patriotic teacher I had in 7th grade (Mr. Allen Cohen) who defined and lived his life as a true American Patriot.  To my regret, I had never had another teacher like Mr Cohen through High School Graduation, in Union New Jersey.   - 1965.

I married late in life, had a son, who entered that exact same K-12 school system I had graduated 39 years earlier.  My son's politically corrected education had nothing to do with the three R's of education... but had everything to do with rewriting American History for Social Engineering!

Our founding fathers authored the Constitution of the United States to restrict the actions of the government, not the People.  It is your Tax Dollars, that provides the funding for a government drunk on the intoxication that exploding technology can bring to gain absolute power, money and control over The People.

Be it Firearms and/or Computer Technology... the "People" Require Equal  Firepower!

Latest User Friendly Update:

Required Hardware = 1) 32GB USB Thumb drive

Place the following downloads on your thumb drive

Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download for Linux

Next - Download the latest popular
64 bit version of Linux Mint found
at the very top of the list and place
it on the USB thumb drive.

Next - Watch This Instruction Video

Never forget that NSA building in this video