I must say, right out of the starting gate, that the Patriot Chronicles, is far from the common patrotic websites found on the Internet.  For Example... the Hot issue of the Confederated flag is handled in a very Cool manner on their up front home page.

Selecting the About page presented still more unexpected suprises.  The following words from that page knocked me off my feet.
"It is the Goal of to illustrate and document America's misplaced Patriotic Philosophy today."
Then, at the bottom of the About page, you will not only find a picture of this American Patriot... you get his phone number too.

This is nothing short of Amazing!  Especially when you come to realize what it takes for this single American Patriot to construct a website of this type.

”Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.”

With Firefox now my only Internet browser... there is no justified reason to ever use Internet Explorer again.

TheTrue American Patriot Must Be Prepared Now!
To Defend The *Constitution* of the United States!