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 The Ammo - Firearms - Technology Page:

  The Browning High Power 13 (9mm), 10 (.40S&W) + 1

 45 cal. (acp) For 1911 types below

The different CCW sized 1911 in 45 cal. (acp)


The Remington .221 Fireball reaches 2900 fps fired from a 10
inch barrel... making it the fastest 22cal *center fire* pistol
round in the world!

The Remington xp 100 pistol Basic in .221 Fireball

The Remington XP 100 pistol plus the scope of your choice

The Remington Fireball XP 100 pistol with a scope *Killed* JFK
(James Files (Sutton) was born in Alabama in January 1942.
and is currently a prisoner in Stateville Prison in Illinois.)

The Remington XP 100R pistol plus the scope of your choice

The Thompson Contender

The Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun Violin Travel Case

The Winchester Model 70 in 7.62 was used by White Feather
in the Vietnam War

The Remington R15.450Bushmaster *Defense* Gun
Compatible with aftermarket AR-15 magazines, etc...

What would Buffalo Bill think.

The Barrett 107 effective range (1400-yards) 50cal.

The TAC-50-A1-R2 Isis Terrorist Killer

The XM2010 increased effective range (1,200 meters) will
surely assist Army snipers in taking out Isis Terrorists