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Welcome All American Brother and Sister Patriots:

Joe... convert the flag above, to look like the one below.

This Old School Senior Citizen Is Tired Of All The Scams.
Having Had A Stroke Made Me A Health Care Expert.
I Survived A System That Almost Killed Me.
[ I *Need* A Patriot Pit Bull Lawyer! ]

To Fill The Positions Required To Staff *Command Central*

Video Field Shoots Are More Suited For Patriot Young Bloods.
My Off Camera Production Experience Will Insure Success.

What Ever *They* Can Do
*We the People*
[ Must Do It  Better ]

In The Cyber Battle Field There Will Be Times Where
The Power Favors The Program, Or, The Hardware.
Your Choice... Browning Hi Power 13 rounds 9mm,
Or Colt 1911 8 rounds 45acp.
Well Actually... You Never Had A Choice
Something Else Made It For You
What Was It?
[ YES, This Is A Trick Question ]

My First Machine Ran Dos 3.1... My Current Desktop Is 6
Years Old With Win 7 Ulitmate In It. On A Fixed Income
I didn't have the money to replace the HD when it croaked.
[ Still Don't Have The Money! ]

My Only Working Computer Is A High Mileage HP Pavilo
Entertainment PC With the Enter and Arrow Keys not
working.  If any letter Keys or the remaining adding
machine keys on the right stop working...
[ I'm out of action! ]

[ I Need A Linux Mint 17 Tutor & a Good Runing Laptop ]

All Transactions Of Any Kind Will Be Done Off The Grid.
[ Hint - Watch old Holywood Western Movies ]
[ With those Indian Smoke Signals In The Air ]


[ These Patriots From The Past Give Today's Advice ]

"Changing America through Education, one step at a time"
Richard Karl Koerner - Patriot  908-414-0910
Call week days after 9:00pm.  Weekends starting from 9:00pm.
I'll have more time to spend with you on the phone with you.